Guest post for David Nilsen at “The Screaming Kettle at Home”

Today I have the opportunity to share my 2nd ever guest post with David Nilsen who blogs at “The Screaming Kettle at Home”.  David and his wife recently went through a church transition and he wrote an excellent blog series related to that transition.

When David tweeted that he would be looking for guest bloggers for this week, I realized that I had a few church transition stories too — I volunteered and he graciously accepted.  This post is about when my wife and I moved to a pretty traditional church that was in transition itself….


Church Transition or Weird Dream? Take your pick….

You ever have one of those dreams? You know the one.  You’re the teacher, it’s the 1st day of school, and just before the kids walk in, you realize you’re in your underwear? (I actually had that dream.)

Going to a new church can be nearly as dreadful, especially when you walk in the door and are suddenly hit with that sense of ‘vuja dey’ – the strange feeling that you’ve never seen anything like this before!

One of the more memorable church transitions for my wife and
I – the one that had the most “weird dream” qualities – was back in 1989, a few years after we were married.

To continue reading go to David’s page – the Home Kettle:

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