Guest Post for Alise-Write – Judgment Day: “Judge Judy” or “Mythbusters”?

Today, I have the honor of doing my first guest post ever for my blogger/twitter friend Alise Wright (“Alise… Write!”)

Alise is a musician, a blogger/writer, a deep thinker and likes to chat on a wide variety of topics.  She’s currently working on a compilation book project — stories of people dealing with/fighting through depression.

I hope you take some time and check it out.  Alise’s page is always a good read… or “Write!”


Part I: the “Dream”

I had a dream a few nights ago that scared the crud out of me! It was judgment day, but we weren’t standing before God: we were on the set of “Judge Judy” with a studio audience and a wacked out cast of characters.  {Not a real dream… just roll with it…. ;-}

Thankfully, I wasn’t on trial — I was the court reporter, hammering at the steno machine, trying to record the events & discussion going on around me.  Two things annoyed me:  a) I don’t know shorthand (stenotype?), and b) I couldn’t ruminate on the dialogue, I barely had time to record it.

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