Welcome to Reconciling Viewpoints

For the moment, this page is pretty barren, but I hope to remedy that situation shortly. It is my hope that this page eventually becomes a discussion center, a place where we can pick an issue where there are a range of viewpoints and go at it, thoroughly exploring each others viewpoints in an effort to find common ground and build unity.

My two-fold mission statement for Reconciling Viewpoints is to: 

  1. Promote unity among believers by finding common ground where there have been differences in belief based on biblical interpretation and theological understanding, and
  2. Promote the gospel among nonbelievers by reducing or removing stumbling blocks that arise from intellectual objections that deter people from coming to faith.

As we proceed on this path, I invite your comments, your thoughts and opinions. Let me know of any topics you are interested in discussing, and we’ll work them into the conversation.

Looking forward to seeing where we go from here!